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bunny suicides.
Project Manager leaves suicide PowerPoint Presentation


gross. point-blank.

today the invitation arrived to my ten-year high school reunion. so there it is. the trauma and horror and jaw-dropping naivete, the hopeless romanticism, the cheesy music, the adolescent sex, the betrayals and all the witless snooty entitled preppies, the winter musical, the jazz-rock auditions (i got in!), the free cafeteria food, ten years of nightmares about missing classes and flunking algebra II, thirty extra pounds (it's a good thing i was skinny...), oceans of tears and jizz and wine, the incredible joy of being a grownup and getting the hell out of new jersey, the freedom to smoke and drink coffee, to eat a goddamn jolly rancher at nine fifty-nine a.m...

a few months ago, i had a dream that i graduated from high school. that seems about right. it took just about ten years to get over it, so of course they should have a party in my honor.

so who's coming with me. no, seriously. i mean it. no way i'm going alone.
and it's during homecoming, which totally means football. on the bright side, the headmaster's cocktail party should be tons of fun, with the extra added bonus of being allowed to drink (but not smoke) on campus. yo yo yo.

my alma mater: http://www.d-e.org/about/discover.html

a dog in an elephant costume taking orders from a clown.
story of my life...


Hey everybody
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