make me a bonfire, hot enough to crack bones
light a match and touch me
till my skin stands up and my hair reaches for heaven,
lying awake all night, half dreaming, half alive,
being nothing at all,

empty as anything, black as nothing,
i need
neither food nor sleep,
not air, nor fair play

no open arms, not a moment of rest
except what i can catch with my own hands,
and hold on to, soft.

nothing easy, nowhere warm,
nothing but

and the sound of air, rushing to fill the void -
the emptiness so loud you can hear it from thirty thousand feet up.
no bite of food or sip to drink, no kiss, nobody in the night,
nothing but pure source, pure cracking desire.
nothing but the the fire,
reaching for the stars, burning up the bones, cowrie shells falling.
fortunes skinned on calcium carbonates,
built up, and worn down,
and they crystallize into days.
i'm dreaming of your blackness
omega, oh, nothing.