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waiting for a train, i awake

a long array of flourescent lights
form a photon arc from one end of the Jay Street A station to the other
like passing smoke, kiss by kiss
like music from my headphones meets the band-shell of my ear
via wire and silicone
physical interfaces for the eternal
my flesh
my eyes and ears
they touch the living nerves of the universe

every so often it is possible to pass
through the tough old skin of this dream-world
it's possible to drill into my own Spirit and hit gold
pure presence in a moment
like the tip of a needle
basting this and that, dividing to entangle

so letting go splits the myth
snaps the arrow that pulls time on ahead
divides me from my one life
and lets the endless moment drip in
beginning with a mote, my breath, a note
a sense of space

there is a place i can go to meet myself
before i came to be myself