On a more-or-less serious note, last week marked the one-year anniversary of my blog experiment, and I'm darned glad that Mitch gave me the idea, although I believe he mentioned something about a book deal, which - nothing yet. If you're enjoying this and think I should keep it up, then thanks! It's been a pretty great way to waste time at work, and looking back, it's not nearly as nauseating as I was afraid it might be, so that's good. Finally, having jotted down the daily flotsam of one year, it's astonishing to say that my life is a hell of a lot better than it was 372 days ago, and for that I am profoundly grateful to Mitch, Tory, Chantal, Karie, Scott, Elma, Andy, Patrick, Adam, Charlie, Erik, Gustavo, Morgan, Wilcox, Gregory and the many, many nameless boys I shamelessly dated, as well as to the PTBs and to all of you 2900+ other (?) people who've stopped by long enough to read about what Vanessa B. Soto was up to. I hope you've enjoyed it.
Best to all in the New Year - I hope you have the same good fortune as I have had.
Knock on wood...

VanessaIAB: love oo
Yaki Torysan: I love you more
Yaki Torysan: but I'm imaginary
VanessaIAB: ah
VanessaIAB: me too
Yaki Torysan: you're not imaginary
Yaki Torysan: I've bitten you
Yaki Torysan: therefore, you are real

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"Finally, a way to combine my love of helping people with my love of hurting people!"


the happiest little girl in the world

i got the job! starting on january tenth. yessir.

check it out: EyeWonder, Inc.

Karie: the humanity
Vanessa: meanwhile, how much can i hate on Piper and Linc?!
Karie: lots
Karie: linc
Karie: mailto:???#@$@$

Vanessa: adecyn shai
Karie: oh pleez
Karie: get off it
Vanessa: i think they meant Adison Shea, which is still SO HORRID
Vanessa: but Adecyn?
Vanessa: ADECYN?!
Karie: sounds like a medication
Karie: that i need to take
Vanessa: When my man and I feel like the time is right...
Vanessa: he takes
Vanessa: ADECYN!
Vanessa: bowmpchickiebowmbowmpbooooooooooowmp
Karie: reach for adecyn
Vanessa: Aryxon (ericson)
Vanessa: doom. pure and simple.
Vanessa: humanity?
Vanessa: over.
Vanessa: "New naming rule: If in typing the name out you have to follow it immediately with another version in parentheses, because otherwise no one would have the slightest clue this was supposed to be a name and not Klingon for "Wax my forehead, supple wench," this is a bad, bad, woah bad bad name."

Karie: Non-specified object
Vanessa: we should just start making them up
Karie: Jarrix
Vanessa: Maceiyn
Karie: Myler
Karie: Myrriana
Vanessa: Skeilarck
Vanessa: Callisandrah
Vanessa: Mokol
Karie: Dilyyan
Vanessa: woof
Vanessa: Stancer
Karie: Brekkana
Vanessa: doublewoof
Vanessa: DalaiLynn (Dollie-Lynn)
Vanessa: Kitterin
Vanessa: Bellaireigh
Karie: Styler
Vanessa: Kannahlee
Vanessa: Santanah
Karie: Chresstin
Vanessa: Shassmyn
Vanessa: oooh good one
Karie: Yndyiana

Vanessa: How about Bordelaise and Hollandaise?
Vanessa: Bryarie
Vanessa: how could we forget 'Karieannah'
Karie: oh of curse
Vanessa: ha
Vanessa: nice slip there mein freund
Karie: my pleasure
Karie: Kye
Karie: Midiain
Vanessa: Accquah
Karie: Dyniosinia
Karie: Blyke
Vanessa: GOOD ONE
Vanessa: Riederlee
Vanessa: Mallabue
Vanessa: Bonar Grande lol
Karie: Keokuk
Vanessa: placename
Vanessa: how about
Vanessa: Greeneseigh
Vanessa: oof
Vanessa: Cammellah
Vanessa: Marryster
Karie: Lynch
Vanessa: Brycestarr
Karie: Stoker
Vanessa: good one.
Vanessa: parents? hippies.
Vanessa: Indigogh
Karie: no you know their kids names are always
Karie: Sky
Karie: Tree
Karie: Love
Vanessa: ugh
Karie: Star
Vanessa: if i ever meetsomeone named love
Karie: Aster
Vanessa: I am killing them before they spread their genes
Vanessa: oooh
Vanessa: Astaire
Vanessa: Bennette
Vanessa: Ahlyzybeth
Karie: oohh
Karie: good one
Vanessa: Camberleigh

Vanessa: Pronounced to rhyme with "My parents hated me"
Vanessa: !!!!
Vanessa: GAAAH!
Karie: nice
Vanessa: Xandrah
Vanessa: Bellaise
Karie: Vikthoriea
Vanessa: sheesh gilson you have talent
Vanessa: Parkyr
Vanessa: Handler
Vanessa: Kieleigh
Vanessa: oh! oh! Foyle
Karie: Freighda
Vanessa: Neighceye
Vanessa: that one stinks worse that our fridge
Vanessa: Harlotte
Vanessa: Skippar
Vanessa: oooh
Vanessa: Swimmar?
Karie: drynkar
Vanessa: HARRRR
Vanessa: Hoare
Vanessa: (for a boy, obv.)
Vanessa: Kloey
Karie: Hughston
Vanessa: Hughsten
Vanessa: creepy telepathy! how did we do that?!


oh. no.
this is hysterical: http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/

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Okay boys, here's your chance. I'm 26 and single and by the hand of (entirely just) Karma, I have no date for New Year's Eve. The lucky bachelor who comes up with the best proposal will have the honor of escorting me out on Dec. 31st, complete with fancy dress, make-up, heels and perfume. I promise to imbibe as much alcohol as is seemly and not become too intoxicated to dance, remain vertical or make fun of hipsters and weirdos. To enter, please append a comment to this posting detailing your name, age, vital stats (I'm not going to specify a height/weight ratio, but if you're wider than you are tall, then that's going to enter into the judging), and proposed locales for Auld Lang Syne hijinks. Dinner and dancing infinitely preferred to beer-sodden anything, bonus points for black tie, but seriously, creativity is welcome. On a financial note, it would be nice to have a night on the town without having to split the tab down to the last decimal place. Don't give me any crap about being materialistic here. It's my contest and since I'm the prize, I don't want to end up at Stuckey's. You can learn more about me than you ever wanted to know by reading this blog. If you hate me after that, then, well, keep it to yourself.

If you're know someone who is interested, pass it on. If anyone replies to this, I'll post an update next week with candidates and see what you kids have to say. Email photos (if you want) to marezion@gmail.com.

Judging will not be up to me, as it is widely agreed that I am not fit to make such decisions. I'll leave it up to Chantal or Kare or Enigmiac or maybe all three to decide.

Let the games begin...


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too traif, or not too traif...

Wizard of Earthsea? Sucked.

No writing last night, just a cup of Spicy Chicken flavor Ramen and some Brown Cow Cream Top yogurt (maple flavor) with fresh strawberries and aforementioned white Bordeaux. Not a bad dinner. Also baked some chicken for lunches, although Miss Kare is too Kosher to eat the fruits of my labor. On the other hand, what the heck do I know? I figured organic chicken was good enough for Jesus, or Jehovah or whoever's in charge of her diet...

Kare: actually I don't think Jesus would have eaten your chicken either, my dear...
Kare: don't take it personally
VanessaIAB: bitch.
Kare: I'm just trying to emulate the Holy One...
Kare: trying to be a good Catholic/Jew
VanessaIAB: Jews for Jesus wants YOU!
Kare: don't lump me in with those freaks...
Kare: I'm normal
VanessaIAB: what. everrrrr.
VanessaIAB: don't get all up in my nonkosher grill (from which you will not eat chicken...)
Kare: hello?!
VanessaIAB: don't get all 'I'm the Thirteenth Apostle' on me!
VanessaIAB: Church of the Latter-Day Converts?

could this chicken endanger your immortal soul?

Marjoram's full flavor does all the work in this incredibly simple recipe. Serve with crusty bread to soak up the delicious juices.
24 ounces cherry tomatoes (about 4 cups), stemmed

1/4 cup olive oil
5 garlic cloves, pressed
1 1/4 teaspoons dried crushed red pepper
2 tablespoons chopped fresh marjoram
4 chicken breast halves with ribs

Preheat oven to 450°F. Toss tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper, and 1 tablespoon marjoram in large bowl. Place chicken on rimmed baking sheet. Pour tomato mixture over chicken, arranging tomatoes in single layer on sheet around chicken. Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Roast until chicken is cooked through and tomatoes are blistered, about 35 minutes. Transfer chicken to plates. Spoon tomatoes and juices over. Sprinkle with remaining 1 tablespoon marjoram.

Makes 4 servings.

Bon Appétit
June 2003


megazit, lardybottom, grouch

mercy. i'm gonna flip out and start taking some steps if people don't leave me alone today.

it must be the hormones. either way, if princess fancypants doesn't shut up, he's toast. he keeps doing this thing from the end of Ferris Beuller's Day Off, you know... "chickiechickahhhh mmm bumpbump"

over and over and over. arrgh.

it was a hectic weekend. i'm delighted that steph came, and that i got a lot of work done yesterday, but this is the first minute i've had when i wasn't sleeping to think for a minute. argh. also, i briefly lost my cell phone friday/saturday and then didn't really turn in on until late on sat night. i still haven't checked my messages, so if you called and i didn't answer, my bad, i suck, and i'll get back to you.

i've some poetry here in my head someplace, as soon as i have some mental space to work that out. tonight i'm going home, having a nice glass of white bordeaux and watching Wizard of Earthsea on SciFi. trying not to order mexican, i imagine... maybe i'll be able to write then. was supposed to hang out with enigmiac tonight, but barring some sort of incredible recovery, i just don't think it's going to happen. i am so tired from the last couple of weeks, and no end in sight.

ah yes, and i have an interview at ten am on thursday morning. if i get that job, whoooeee! i am outta here.
so yeah, send some good karma my way folks. crying in the ladies' lavatory is so unprofessional.

i wish i was here:

ohh, mexico.


"Homer, he's out of control. He gave me a bad review. So my friend put a horse head on the bed. He ate the head and gave it a bad review! True story..."
-Luigi, The Simpsons

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