MermaidinBKNY: i'm like a wooky when i get frustrated
MermaidinBKNY: all "raa"
MermaidinBKNY: "mroo"
Karinatrix: tell me how you really feel
Karinatrix: i hear ya
Karinatrix: don't you wish you had the voice for that sometimes
Karinatrix: it would make all the difference
Karinatrix: if i tried something like that ... i would sound like a dead cat
MermaidinBKNY: it would
MermaidinBKNY: mreeu?
MermaidinBKNY: prrt
Karinatrix: mrawwwwwww
MermaidinBKNY: *sigh*: HELL. ASS. POO.
MermaidinBKNY: #$%@#
Karinatrix: at least you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to walk the dog for an hr in this freeezing weather
Karinatrix: blah
Karinatrix: it's nice to have a dog in the summer
Karinatrix: not so nicey in the winter
Karinatrix: unless you can let him out the back door
Karinatrix: which i can't
MermaidinBKNY: yeah but i have to get up to hammer on the ceiling to get the VonTrapp family to quit their clog-dancing
MermaidinBKNY: and they just hammer right back as if to say "WHEN VURLT VARR THREE COMESSS VEE VILL GAESSS YOU VAAAIRMEEEEN FURRRRRRST!"


modern design can kiss my ass.


If i won the lotto:
1. Purchase house in tropical beachy place (at left, my house.)
2. Ditto mom and dad, suzy and steph and alex, diego and cristy and the friends
3. Buy some horses, ride them
4. Learn swordfighting, target shooting and improve archery - superhero training
5. World travel - backpacky/luxury alternating
6. Giant saltwater fishtank in bedroom as per longstanding wish
7. Back to school, marine biology, culinary institute



Signs of the Apocalypse, Part I Don't Even Know Anymore


David Hasselhoff. Sings "Hooked on a Feeling." The video.

bashful Posted by Picasa

this is right before with swam with the dolphins... about twenty of them! Posted by Picasa

dolphin hug Posted by Picasa

all God's children, Spanish Town Posted by Picasa

view from Spanish Town Posted by Picasa

dingos ate my Spanish Town Posted by Picasa

lonely hilltop, Spanish Town Posted by Picasa

street vendor, Coxen Hole Posted by Picasa

traffic jam, Coxen Hole Posted by Picasa

i wonder if he was this tall? Posted by Picasa

i think Jose Santos here had something to do with Queen Vix giving Roatan over to Honduras... Posted by Picasa

who was this fellow? Posted by Picasa

police (in)activity, Coxen Hole Posted by Picasa

munincipality of roatan, bay islands - mayor's office in Coxen Hole Posted by Picasa

it's not Park Slope Posted by Picasa

poor neighborhood, skinny pooches everywhere Posted by Picasa

the oldest church on Rat Island Posted by Picasa

post-wilma, houses on stilts Posted by Picasa

again, not wanting to leave Posted by Picasa

lighthouse and swanky real estate, west end Posted by Picasa

queen of the woooooooooooooooorrrrrld! Posted by Picasa

another fellow diver, jamie. nicest guy. in the background, andy standing in his elephant-head hat. howls, boss. Posted by Picasa

fellow diver, george, and our guide, enrique Posted by Picasa