MermaidinBKNY: i'm like a wooky when i get frustrated
MermaidinBKNY: all "raa"
MermaidinBKNY: "mroo"
Karinatrix: tell me how you really feel
Karinatrix: i hear ya
Karinatrix: don't you wish you had the voice for that sometimes
Karinatrix: it would make all the difference
Karinatrix: if i tried something like that ... i would sound like a dead cat
MermaidinBKNY: it would
MermaidinBKNY: mreeu?
MermaidinBKNY: prrt
Karinatrix: mrawwwwwww
MermaidinBKNY: *sigh*: HELL. ASS. POO.
MermaidinBKNY: #$%@#
Karinatrix: at least you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to walk the dog for an hr in this freeezing weather
Karinatrix: blah
Karinatrix: it's nice to have a dog in the summer
Karinatrix: not so nicey in the winter
Karinatrix: unless you can let him out the back door
Karinatrix: which i can't
MermaidinBKNY: yeah but i have to get up to hammer on the ceiling to get the VonTrapp family to quit their clog-dancing
MermaidinBKNY: and they just hammer right back as if to say "WHEN VURLT VARR THREE COMESSS VEE VILL GAESSS YOU VAAAIRMEEEEN FURRRRRRST!"

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