KING MORGAN ENTERPRISES Launches http://www.Shop.KingMorgan.com

NEW YORK-September 27, 2005 KME® today launched its revolutionary online store, giving "Loyal Subjects" the same innovative features, breakthrough pricing, seamless integration with http://www.KingMorgan.com and groundbreaking personal uses that have made King Morgan the number one online service in the world. With countless products, plus KME's legendary ease of use and pioneering features such as built-in support for product sizing, www.Shop.KingMorgan.com is the best way for loyal subjects around the world to discover, purchase and consume KME products online. http://www.Shop.KingMorgan.com is poised to be the number one online store with over 500 million products purchased and shipped worldwide, and will work seamlessly with all existing KME products.

"KME and ttp://www.Shop.KingMorgan.com are leading the digital revolution," said Chicken Sinatra, KME's Executive Marketing Director. "We are thrilled to be bringing these quality KME products to the world, and hope all our loyal subjects will love it as much as others around the world do." In celebration of the http://www.Shop.KingMorgan.com global launch, KME is hosting live music performances throughout the fall at all of our retail locations world-wide. Check www.KingMorgan.com for details, along with www.Kyote.KingMorgan.com

Pricing & Availability http://www.Shop.KingMorgan.com for Mac and Windows includes products with many of our most popular slogans. Purchase shirts, hats, messenger bags, mugs, thongs and clocks with "King Morgan is My Co-Pilot" or "Your Servitude is Greatly Appreciated" tag-lines, along with "I am a Loyal Subject" to show your devotion to our glorious CEO. You can also view our newest catch phrases such as "Ask Your Doctor if King Morgan is right for you" and "King Morgan Loves Me". www.Shop.KingMorgan.com requires a valid credit card with a billing address in the country of purchase. All proceeds from the site go directly to spreading the word of our lord and savior, King Morgan.

KME ignited the capitalist revolution in the 1970s with King Morgan and reinvented the internet in the 1990s with www.KingMorgan.com. Today, King Morgan continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning image studios and record label (Sonic Enterprises). KME is now also spearheading the digital revolution with http://www.Shop.KingMorgan.com.

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King Morgan Enterprises 718.644.0887 Iwork@KingMorgan.com

Valentine Monsterface
King Morgan Enterprises 718.644.0887 Iwork@KingMorgan.com

NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit http://www.kingmorgan.com/KMEpr.htm or call King Morgan's Media Helpline at (718) 644-0887. King Morgan Enterprises, the KME logo, and Space Kyote are trademarks of King Morgan Enterprises. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. http://www.KingMorgan.com
Artistic Expression through Capitalist Propaganda http://www.Shop.KingMorgan.com

For the Loyal Subject in all of us

Long Live the King!


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when Geraldo Rivera bursts into tears on the evening news holding a ten-month-old child who has been living in filth and misery in a destroyed sports arena amid corpses and without food or potable water, surrounded by miles of wrecked american cityscape, flooded with toxic chemicals from oil refineries, refuse, rubble, sewage, industrial waste and God only knows what else... well, it's hard not to think that the four little jockeys and their grim steeds aren't packing a nice lunch and making jokes about how much they're all going to save on gas.

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