tequila busted

i went on a tequila bus a few weeks ago, sponsored by the nice folks at smartmoney.com for their clients, people like me who use big corporations' cash to buy advertising so said corporations can bank more cash. the affair consisted of meeting up at a swanky mexican restaurant, rosa mexicana, for hors d'ouevres and cocktails and then hopping on a 'tequila bus' (in the style of colombian 'chiva' buses, complete with hammocks and saddles and lots of burlap coffee sacks,) and drinking coronas/dancing to top 20 while being driven to a succession of less and less swanky mexican establishments. This ended badly at about 1am with me downing three shots of free patron silver and going home in a sulk after enjoying a little show performed on the bar by girls in Daisy Dukes and bikini tops at some bar on a corner of 10th ave. they set alcohol on fire and danced in the flames. i feel bad for Kali - cheap imitation is not the highest form of flattery.

it wasn't a great night.

i've learned a few things about myself. number one, i'm a sap. (okay, that was low-hanging fruit.) for another thing, i'm too old for this kind of thing. i felt stupid, waiting around all night, drinking half a drink at each bar, watching peeps get drunker and drunker and pairing up. and i went home alone, like pretty much always.

so the number three thing i learned? drink more, 'smart' less.

kali, bring it on.

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