Grey's Anatomy has a moment of well-writtenness/fangeekery

Cement Boy: I'm a loser. I’m the guy who died stuck in a block of cement. I’m like Han Solo.

Dr. Bailey: (gives him a quizzical look)

Cement Boy: Y’know, Star Wars? He was encased in carbonite?

Dr. Bailey: Han Solo is not a loser. Han Solo got encased in carbonite and that was a big mess, but that’s not what he’s remembered for. He’s remembered as the guy who made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. And who braved the subzero temperatures of the ice planet Hoth in order to save someone he cared about from the big ugly wampa. He’s remembered as the guy who swooped down at the last minute, blasted Darth Vader out of the sky, so that Luke could use the force and destroy the damn Death Star. Princess Leia saved him from the carbonite. They fell in love, and they saved the universe, and had twin Jedi babies that went on to save the universe again.

Cement Boy: (smiles)

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