-Matt Pond PA, "Bring on the Ending"

half of all our lives are spent
encouraged by embarrassment
we hold our heads and stay asleep
and cannot hear
in case nobody called
follow the prim ones and sit on your hands

watch your step don’t hardly move

speak in hushed tones
till they bring on the ending
they bring on the ending

as we file to get outside
with all the same coats on
here it is december’s end

all our evaluations are in
the lowland’s goal is less than low
it’s good
so easy to have met them

august lit the weight this fall
the hold of trucks could carry us all
the hot exhaust
the thoughtless sleep
we’d run
and fall into the river
we’d meet up at night
pretty late by the falls
talk too fast without regret
with headlights and stars
it was brighter than the daylight
bodies all backlit
unconscious though we’re moving
stereo screaming

we’ll settle for stares
now un-glide with our hands
the basement is where we will live
and stick to the crowds
without ever speaking
we want it that easy
and don’t get caught dancing
even if you’re drinking

don’t get caught dancing

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